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Chaos of the Dracona Empty Chaos of the Dracona

Post by Elseria on Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:42 am

She sits on the slick wooden dock, her bare feet barely brushing the waters calm surface. She gazed out over the black water that reflected the clear sky above, her restless thoughts following the ebb and flow of the ocean laid out before her. She sighs, looking down and away from the starry blanket above, and too the ripples her toes caused in the still water. She watched her reflection waver and dance on the surface, as her inward motions felt. " Here bygone the past be told, the pages left bare to write. A day goes by, a page is turned, another stormy night " She sings softly, an eerie song of her people. She never really understood the simple lyrics until now.

Chaos, that is what life truly is, no matter how hard you try and convince yourself you are in control, the smallest gesture can rip that blinder from your eyes, and reveal the true nature of your world to you. She shakes her head, and leans back on her hands, the worn wood digging into the soft palms of her hands. She ignored the brief pain, using it as a reason to ground her mind. It was only here, on nights such as this that she was able to calm the inner cyclone of her twisted emotions. So many things wrong, so many mistakes that lead to this rough hewn path. Her goal now was to keep those dear to her alive, even if it cost her own soul to do just that. A single tear rolls down her cheek, a symbol of her regret that her rash actions had brought her life

She stands slowly, looking back to the darkened half ruins of Rockshire. Yet another she had failed to protect. Her very existence was to this world alone, and she had left it to defend itself from those dangers she herself had created. She roars, the silence now consumed with her pain, as the dark fire slowly sprung to life around her. The flames writhed and swirled around her, as the deadly tornado sought the sky above, the wind shifting from a gentle breeze to a roaring cyclone. She stood in the midst of this fire storm, her body changing within the cover of the deadly storm. Finally, the fire dies away, white ash falling slowly to the ground, and landing softly on the midnight black scales of the dragon who now stood on the shore line, with her wings half unfurled and her sapphire gaze locked on the celestial bodies high above.

She roared again, the sound rolling over the land like the thunder that follows the bright flash of lightning. The reverberating sound shaking the ground beneath her feet with the raw power combined. The clouds responded to her call, swirling ever closer, to cover the bright sky above, and cast a long shadow over the land. She crouched low to the sand, her muscles tense as she prepared to launch her massive form into the now stormy sky above.

With an explosion of sand as her wings created a burst of buffeting wind, the dark shadow erupts into the sky, the misty dark clouds clinging to her scales as she soared through them, diving in and out of the dangerous electrified depths. Thunder roared, and lighting arced through the sky in screaming bolts, the brief flashes outlining her figure dancing around the deadly strikes.

The moisture builds up along her body, riveting down her scales before raining down to the ground below her. She whirls again, diving low to the sea, and banking left hard. Her wing sprays water high into the air as it sliced into the depths, before she evens out her flight, and glides back to the shore line. The clouds begin to drift away as she lands on the beach once more, and folds her wings to her sides. Her heart pounded in her ears, as her heart raced from the excitement. " Only the wings of those who dream will carry them to the heavens " She mutters to herself before sitting back on her haunches on the sand.

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