The Palace of Rockshire

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The Palace of Rockshire Empty The Palace of Rockshire

Post by Adam Carter on Tue Feb 03, 2015 1:14 pm

In the small town of Rockshire, there stood a magnificent palace, which was considered odd in some area, considering how Rockshire was a town and not a city. But the town of Rockshire wasn't something to be regarded as a common town. In the eyes of many outsiders, the people of Rockshire were considered quite the hardy people, and despite the current state of the town, it still runs just as efficiently. The Palace stood tall above the smaller, lesser buildings of Rockshire, casting a proud shadow over the bustling town. The Palace for now was more vacant than usual, with less political and royal figureheads roaming the halls. Only the proudest and most loyal of Rockshire's leaders stayed inside the Palace, rather than being evacuated to some underground sanctuary. Many halls were empty and quiet, free to roam, yet the main rooms in usage were guarded by rather fierce looking Rockshire knights.
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