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Post by TheoDormouse on Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:48 am

The Amaris is painted on the small spaceship's side in gleaming silver paint. Below that, in a beautiful, deep shade of blue, is the meaning of the name: "Child of the Moon".
The spaceship is tiny, barely bigger than an escape pod. It was originally meant to be an exploration pod: something to get you from the main ship, the Luna, to whatever planet you needed to stop on, and back again.
Of course, that was before the Luna was fired on by scavengers. Like pirates on the seas, scavengers roamed space, attacking any ships they could find. Once the ship was blown into floating debris, they lived up to their title and scavenged whatever parts or supplies were left.
"Morgan, Parque, get into the pods!" Merle, the head of the engineers, had shouted as the Luna was wracked with the first of the explosions, pushing Riley Morgan and Scott Parque towards the two exploration pods, the Amaris and the Ascelin. At 19 and 21, respectively, Riley and Scott were the youngest members of the Luna crew; Riley as an engineer-in-training and Scott as a pilot-in-training.
"Hell no--" Riley protested, as Scott yelled, "We're not just abandoning--"
That was when Merle grabbed Riley and virtually flung her into the Amaris, slamming his hand onto the emergency escape button. The doors of the Luna slid shut--the airlock hatch of the Amaris closed--and then the Amaris ejected from the Luna, hurtling itself through space and gunfire.
The Ascelin followed shortly--Merle must have gotten Scott into it--but it wasn't as lucky as the Amaris. It was hit in second, exploding into flaming debris.
"No!" Riley screamed, but she's helpless in the surviving exploration pod. It's impossible to even control the Amaris: it's piloted remotely by the Luna's control center. Which is now in flaming pieces.

Through luck, fate, or a combination of both, the Amaris drifted unnoticed by the scavengers, until it's away from both the Luna and the pirating ships. There's emergency food and water, enough to last a few weeks, as well as a small medical kit and a repair kit. Whoever was in the pod last left an old paperback novel--a mystery--under the seat, and Riley reads it four times over as the days slowly pass.
She tentatively fiddles with the wiring at times. She doesn't want to make a mistake and ruin her only chance of survival--but she also needs to gain control over the Amaris' steering. She's managed to get into the radio so far, and has configured it to play a recording on repeat:
"This is an SOS. My name is Riley Morgan. I'm crew number 857 of the US ship 'Luna', on the exploration pod 'Amaris'. The Luna has been destroyed by scavengers. I repeat, the Luna has been destroyed. I'm seeking help and refuge. This is an SOS..."

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