Lullaby A twisted tale. part one

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Lullaby A twisted tale. part one Empty Lullaby A twisted tale. part one

Post by Lullabyred on Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:47 am

The day was gloomy, Lullaby Red was born a small child, born early. her mother was ill for months after but healed well. Her father brought them to a nice home out in the country , four bed rooms , two baths. Her father worked for a sales company , they were top of the line when it came to war arms. In this time, which is not modern but the future with many historical ways, no, cars don't fly , no hover boards here, things have slowed , decayed and dried out like a desert , some parts are large forests , and modern convince is at a high price.

The world that Lullaby was born into, was no longer lively. It was slowly fading away.....but soon her life will change for both worse and better.

Sara awoke and shook Jon who laid next to her. "wake up , today is the day!" She yawned and got out of bed, her long red hair resembling a afro of sorts , she put her robe on and walked down the short flight of stairs. She entered the kitchen and put coffee into the percolator , she let it brew while sitting down and opening a news screen, a news screen is a thin screen , it compiles of words, ticks and images that move, it is as light weight as single sheet lined paper.

She waited for the coffee to finish then poured some and sipped it , she left the coffee on and her cup on the table and went back up the stairs to Lullaby's room. She knocked on the door. " Lullaby wake up, it's your day"

Lullaby laid in her bed, the sun beamed down in to her room she thought it was annoying and sat up, her long red hair a mess , the corners of her green eyes filled with sleep. She rubbed her eyes and stood, then it hit her like a brick. "it's my birthday!" She got excited and began sifting through her clothing , she put jeans and a black tank top on , it had a image of a sun and the moon, in this time her clothing would be considered vintage. She brush her long red hair , wincing in pain a few times but got it brushed, she stared into her mirror " today is the day , don't mess this up" she told her self out loud.

She was excited , she looked forward to her fifteenth birthday , it would be the day her powers would grow stronger and she would need training. She ran down stairs expecting a surprise , but there wasn't one , just her mother sitting there sipping coffee. " finally you are awake, happy birthday dear"

Lullaby sighed and pulled a glass down and poured some orange juice then sat down. " mother , is father still asleep?" Lullaby asked Sara. Suddenly Jon walked in , he yawned loudly and stretched. Lullaby laughed.

" loud enough Jon?" He walked over to the coffee maker , he poured his self a cup and sat at the table after kissing Sara's cheek and Lullaby's forehead. " so whats the plan today my lovely's?" Jon asked Lullaby and Sara. Lullaby stayed silent washing her glass in the sink. " well since its her birthday, i was going to invite her friends over" Lullaby turned around, " you mean my two only friends Leath and Kell , my only friends."
She started to walk out of the kitchen when her mother spoke up. " yes Lullaby and i ordered a cake already" Jon looked over at Sara rubbing his unshaved chin " oh Sara...." Lullaby looked at Sara " mom..........." she had a whiny tone.

Lullaby sighed , she checked out the kitchen window. " no one is here yet" Jon stood and went to a desk and walked back to Lullaby and handed her a slender box , she looked up at him suprised. jon nodded to Lullaby.

Lullaby smiled and took the box, she open the box, it was a knife , it's handle, a golden snake and with a ruby eye, the blade curved with a slight jagged edge the blade having filigree on it but faded and words on the blade in a unknown language. " father this is beautiful , where did you find it?"

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