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Post by Kaleidis Solthas on Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:50 am

Kale sat alone in his study, his booted feet resting up on his desk, while he gazed out the colored glass window at the lush greenery that surrounded his Manor. His face was set in a stern glare, while his thoughts roamed through the centuries. He moved slightly, the filtered sunlight from the windows setting a rainbow of color across his steely features. The musty smell of the old books that cluttered the room filled his nostrils, and his golden hued eyes flick over to the over stuffed shelves. A singular book, bound in faded leather, and engraved with once golden runes drew his attention. He swings his legs off the desk, standing up stiffly. He heads over to the shelf, and brushes his fingers lightly down the spine. " Now, you are new.." He mutters quietly, reaching out to grasp the leather in his hands, before a small cough draws his attention to the dark shadow filled doorway.

Noelle steps into the room, the tips of her wings leaving small trails in the thin layer of dust that had settled through out the Manor, as they drag lightly across the faded wooden floors. She points to the book he had been about to open, and shakes her head, pulling his hand away from it. " Well why is it here then if you do not want me to read it? " He questions the angel, but she merely shrugs, and tunes back around, moving to sit in the wing backed chair he had just vacated. " Your ways irritate me, I hope you know that ". He growls in her direction, his curiosity piqued, but he knew better than to question that damn woman. She flashed him a cheeky little grin, knowing that denying him a peek at the mysterious volume would grind his nerves for the rest of the day.

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