What am I? ((Open to 9)) Elemental Dystophia

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What am I? ((Open to 9)) Elemental Dystophia Empty What am I? ((Open to 9)) Elemental Dystophia

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You wake up in a room all alone by yourself. A woman with black hair and all of her skin covered in special material walks in. All you see are her eyes which leave you with an emotion so vivid you are unable to put a name to it. The woman looks at you and if you could see her face you would believe she is smiling, "I'm glad your awake," you look at her as she begins to write something on her clipboard. "We began to worry that the procedure had not worked. Unfortunately through some tests we have realized you may have some memory loss due to brain malfunctions." You touch your ear and feel a small metal piece just behind the back, bottom, of your ear. The woman's voice has been coming from this wi-com piece the whole time. The woman takes another note on her clipboard.

What am I?
You are a government experiment within a secret branch called, Star Project. A secret weapon, who may look human, but is not. You are an elemental being who has no memories except for what 'They' have told you. What you can't remember is your past, and how you got into this facility. Truth was that was years ago. You were created by a secret branch of the government and though you can't remember your past, 'They' have already planned your future. Millions of dollars worth of training has been downloaded into your memory. As time has went on from this day no one has told you what your true purpose is for just rules upon rules that govern your life. All your "training" has been for one special event where you will be put into an environment with a partner who has the same element as you. We will assign you him, or her. You have been warned that trying to escape the environment, or getting into any kind of relationship with another elemental, is a very unwise decision. Why... do you really think this is the first time you have been 'reprogrammed?'

Are There More Like Me?
Yes, but interaction with them is discouraged. Every other 'Recipient' has also been instructed with this same warning. This is in hopes that you will not struggle with another 'Recipient' while in a fight. We wish not to cause mental harm to our 'Recipients' and ask that no negotiations for a friendship with another unless stated happens. Obviously this means that a romance between anyone, other than your partner, while in the environment is forbidden. Follow your own orders, and 'They' will handle the rest.

Where Are We Going?
Classified until further notice. Once you meet your partner you will be given instructions on your first assignment. Many tests will be going on during the mission, and the environment will be controlled under the eyes of the facility. Refusing to do what is asked of you will jeopardize not only the mission, but also everything your life has been for. This is why following orders in mandatory. Daily instructions will be given to you and each month we will relocate you to a new environment in order to see how your abilities work in different situations.

How Old Am I?
Age is undetermined due to modifications that have stopped your aging process at a certain set point. Each of these set points differ depending on each 'Recipient' More than likely your are between the ages of 16-21. (This may, or may not, be a lie). Ageless though does not mean you are immortal per say. 'They' have the ability to kill you at any precise moment they see fit, and you are able to be injured or even killed in action while in the Environment. You will continue to look as you do no matter what... scars will fade, blemishes will be nonexistant, wounds will heal, and sickness doe snot exist within the 'Recipients'. This is because of "Them" without "them" you would loose not only these abilities, but also your elements, and die. ((this is a lie))

The Elements
Feel free to suggest elemental powers

Personality: You are more than likely short tempered with a very vibrant personality.
Description: You most likely have red or deep brunette hair.
Powers: (Choose 2)
-Wield fire as a weapon (breathing fire or shooting flames from hands)
-Immune to heat of any kind
-Laser vision
-Heat hands (can burn enemies just by touch)
Turn yourself into a complete burning flame. With this you will set aflame anything you touch make this if you use your feet or your hands. You are very resilient to heat, but are extremely vulnerable to water. (this choice means you can only have 1 power instead of two)
Availability: One Male, and One Female

Personality: Most likely you are more calm and reserved in nature, but can snap in a matter of seconds
Description: You most likely have blue eyes and black hair
Powers: (born with two of these options)
-breathe underwater (you have gills)
-venom of a stingray to poison enemies (you have needles underneath your fingernails)
-shoot bares of a sea urchin out of your hands
-Wield any body of water as a weapon (great against fires)
You can freeze the temperature to summon frost, hail, cold winds, snow, and ice. You can freeze enemies solid, but this power makes you immune to the cold, but also means you will weaken if you overheat. Vulnerable to fire. (If chosen may not chose 2)
Availability: One Male

Personality: Most likely very patient and intelligent
Description: Likely to have brown or green eyes with blonde or brunette hair
Powers: (choice of two)
-Incredible strength
-Can control any object that is part of the earth (a rock, vines, etc)
-You can influence animals to do your bidding
-Create/Grow plant life at any time in seconds flat and use as needed
-You are able to turn yourself into a large tree creature in either full-body or even just your ligaments. Your body is unable to be destroyed while in this form by any object or person. This also allows you to live off the earth's nutrients of sunlight and water when in areas with low food availability. On the other hand you are incredibly vulnerable to Ice and Fire powers, but are resilient to water. (If chosen can't have 2)
Availability: One Male, and One Female

Personality: Likely to be very bubbly and energetic
Description: Most likely have blonde hair
Powers: (Choice of Two)
-Jump very, very high (may appear as if you are flying)
-suffocate enemies by stopping theflow of oxygen in their lungs (Doesn't work on fellow air recipients, and can't be used to kill just knock-out)
-Summon air to do your bidding at any given moment
-Move at incredible speeds
-Start storms
You are able to summon thunder and lightning at any given point. The lightning can be used to start fires, or to strike down enemies if need be. Water does not effect you, but actually will make your abilities stronger. Along with this you are able to control light in order to blind enemies or brighten dark areas. Earth elementals are strong against you, and you have very low stamina, but are completely immune to water attacks.
Availability: One Male and One Female

One of your parents was a human, and the other an elemental. Depending on who your elemental parents was you may chose one of the prior power options as your own.
Availability: One Male or Female

The Forbidden Love
You never knew your parents, but their memories were probably reprogrammed years ago and were relocated. Your parents were two different elementals. You have two of the prior power options (none of the majors) from two different elementals
Availability: One Male or Female
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